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WebMail Login
*How to create Message Rules (filters) -This will help
you manage spam and unwanted e-mail messages.

Spam filtering
(what you need to know)

Also see Scambuster article #66 regarding spam
by clicking on: ScamBuster's Editor

History of Spam and General information

How does spam filtering work?

How do I add an e-mail account to my whitelist?

This set of instructions assumes you already made your Internet connection.

1. Open your browser (IE, Netscape, etc.).

2. In the address bar, type "".

3. Enter your userid and password.

Save this page to your favorate places or drag and drop the
page to your desktop for easy access.

4. Click the Login button or press Enter.

5. You are now inside your e-mail box. Click on the help
link to learn how to use the Webmail client, custom
set your display preferences, and how to create
message filters (helps battle spam and recommended).

  **Remember "" and you can access your e-mail from any computer that has Internet access.**
  Please remember to empty your trash folder. You get 5MB of e-mail space with your account (for additional space we charge $1.00 per 5MB). Once your trash folder is full, you will be unable to receive e-mail.
Spam filtering  
  If you have CT Communications spam filtering service, you will want to check out your greymail folder for potiental legitimate e-mails. If you find an e-mail that is not spam, however, it was flagged by the filter as spam, you will need to add the e-mail to your whitelist.
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