Stay in touch anytime, anywhere with phone service from CT Communications. CT offers unbeatable reliability and innovative features to make your life easier. With Unlimited Nationwide Calling on your CT Home Telephone line, you’ll never lose touch with friends and family. CT makes choosing the telephone services you want easy. And we reward you with more value-added benefits than any other provider. Now that’s something to talk about.


CT Call Manager Feature Set

CT’s Call Manager Feature Set (CMFS) offers a robust array of phone service enhancements and our most popular calling features in one set. Getting these services as part of a feature set provides significant savings over buying them individually. Plus, the set also includes access to the CT CommPortal, and the CT Phone Assistant, which are not available as standalone offerings.

The CT CommPortal is an online Web interface that lets you manage most aspects of your phone service. The CommPortal dashboard is accessible via a Web browser from any Internet-connected computer so you can easily manage your calling features and voicemails - even while traveling.

Additionally, the CT CommPortal extends message accessibility beyond your voicemail box by allowing you the option to automatically send an audio file of incoming voicemails to an external email address. Now you can quickly and easily review your voicemails on your smartphone without having to dial-in to a system or logging in anywhere.

The CT Phone Assistant is an additional service feature included with the CMFS that is designed to compliment the CT CommPortal interface. The functionality is meant to simplify and enhance your communications experience. Automatic notifications and instant access to frequently used calling features make it a valuable tool for keeping you connected.

To learn more about CMFS or for a complete list of features and product descriptions, please click HERE to access the product sheet or call us today at (937) 653-4000.


Directory Assistance

Dial 411 for National Directory Assistance at a cost of 95 cents per call.

Dial 1411 for Local Directory Assistance and receive your first 3 calls per month for free and each call after that at just 55 cents per call.


Long Distance


Start SAVING today with the CT All Calls Bundle!
Residential customers can enjoy unlimited, digital voice-only calling with our CT All Calls Bundle. This includes local calling, unlimited nationwide calling, voicemail, Caller ID Plus, Call Waiting ID, three-way calling, speed calling and Connection Assurance. For full details on this bundle, call CT Communications today at 653-4000, option 4!

Wonder if you chose the best company to save you the money?
With CT Communications Long Distance, it's simple! Call any place, any time, in state or out of state for the same one low rate! No monthly fees!

Our Long Distance Service has been totally reworked to bring you a new calling rate of only $.14 per minute in 6 second increments for in-state and out-of-state calls in the continental U.S. any time day or night!

CT Communications Long Distance wants you to receive the best, easy-to-understand value for all your long distance calls! Stop by and let us compare and show you why CT Communications Long Distance is the right choice for you! Or, call 653-4000, option 0 and we will be glad to talk to you with helpful comparison information! It's worth the call!

Do you have family and friends that call you collect?
Do you have kids off to college?
If you do then you know that your long distance bill can get expensive.
Here at CT Communications we have the answer for you!

• Flat-rate
• State-to-state
• 24 hours a day
• Six-second billing - (not in full minutes like most other carriers)
• Pay for only what you use
• NO activation fees, NO minimums, NO monthly fees, NO term contracts to sign

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Questions & Answers

When is my bill due? The bill is always due on the 15th of each month.

Do you bill ahead or behind? We bill ahead for your local service. The bill you get at the beginning of the month is for that month of local service (ex: receive your bill Nov. 2 - it is for November's local service).

We bill behind 1-2 months for your toll calls. Please call the long distance carrier that you chose and set up service with them. They need to know your new phone # and some other general information.

Do new customers get anything special? As a new customer you have 20 days after your service starts to add any phone features with no install charge (save $20.25).

Are there other ways to pay my bill? You can have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account. This service is free. All we need is a canceled check or a voided deposit slip from the account that you would like it taken out of. Each month, on the 15th, your phone bill will be paid directly from that account.

Can I have my bill taken out of my credit card? We take Visa, Master Card, and Discover. You can call in your payment each month or you can have it automatically deducted from your credit card. To have it deducted you need to fill out a sign up form which you can get from one of our offices.

If you are unclear on anything, or if there is something that is not explained here,
please feel free to call us at 653-4000, option 0.


Explanation of your Phone Bill


Breakdown of connection charges:

Central Office Charge - $6.50
Service Order Charge - $13.75
Trip Charge - (If we have to go to your residence) - $10.50

Everyone pays the following each month:
Access Line - (local line charge for your area)
911 Service - $0.20
FCC Prescribed Single Line Charge - $6.50 + taxes
FCC Universal Service Charge, Basic Rate - $1.17

West Liberty

Break down of connection charges:

Central Office Charge - $6.50
Service Order Charge - $13.75
Trip Charge - (If we have to go to your residence) - $10.50

Everyone pays the following each month:
Access Line - $25.00
911 Service - $0.20
FCC Prescribed Single Line Charge - $3.50 + taxes

Telephone Customer Rights and Responsibilities