CT offers fast, easy, reliable and affordable Internet service. You can communicate with others, share resources, view and retrieve information, download movies, play online games, and much, much more! Order CT’s High Speed Internet service and get everything you need—security and anti-spam software, up to 5 email accounts and more. CT makes choosing the Internet services you want easy, and we reward you with more value-added benefits than any other provider. Plug in and connect to your world from the comfort of your home with CT High Speed Internet.

The following features are included in your CT Internet account!

  • Five Email Accounts: Webmail access
  • Basic 24/7 Technical Support
  • SPAM Email Filtering
  • Content Filtering
  • Inbound and outbound virus scanning


Service Information

To use our Internet services, the customer's access point must be within the specific high-speed Internet service areas. Due to geographic and technical constraints, all services are not available in all areas. Top speeds vary by location. If you have more than one computer you will have to have a router or hub. It is the customer's responsibility to see that their computer is equipped with a working router or hub.


Home Wireless Router Service

CT Wireless Router Service can make your life easier! Imagine having the freedom to take your wireless devices anywhere in the house. Consider having the ability to share your CT high-speed Internet service between your wireless home devices quickly and easily without cumbersome wires! With our Home Wireless Router Service, you can free yourself from the hassle and confusion of trying to set up a wireless router for a low monthly service fee.

Technical Support

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CT High Speed Internet accounts allow for burst rate downstream digital connection and burst rate upstream digital connection. ADDITIONAL DOWNLOAD SPEEDS MAY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH A CUSTOM QUOTE FROM OUR SALES DEPARTMENT. Call us today at (937) 653-4000, option 1.